Disposable carrier bags are becoming a thing of the past. If you want to project your companies environmentally friendly face, the ideal way is to use Eco-bags showing your company logo. Our low price eco bags are strong and durable. Your customers can reuse them over and over.

Non-woven fabric is typically manufactured by putting small fibres together in the form of a sheet or web and then binding them either mechanically or thermally.
Non-Woven material
Recyclable Polypropylene fabric
Strong but lightweight material
100% biodegradable
Fabric colour reference:
Colours on screen may vary.
Eco bags are:
What is it good for?
We can make any size and shape of your specification. Logos, pictures and graphics can be printed. Please contact us for a free quote if you would like to design your own eco bag to reflect you own identity. Sizes below come with 80gsm fabric and 50cm x 2.5cm handle as standard.
Best selling sizes:
2D Small - 31cm(w) x 25cm(h)
2D Medium - 36cm(w) x 31cm(h)
2D Large - 43cm(w) x 36cm(h)

3D Small - 29cm(w) x 8cm(d) x 23cm(h)
3D Medium - 34cm(w) x 9cm(d) x 28cm(h)
3D Large - 39cm(w) x 10cm(d) x 32cm(h)